Special Town Meeting on Monday July 8th

Special Town Meeting on Monday July 8th at 7:00pm at the Stamford School.

This will be a vote to ask the Town for permission to proceed with the Interstate Merger with Clarksburg, MA using the multi-grade configuration recommended in the study done by PCG consulting group. This is not a vote that will bind us into a merged district. This vote will show both states that each Town’s voters approve of moving forward and help us gather much needed information.

**Option 3 or the multi-grade configuration would be to have Stamford School become a PreK-2 early elementary school and Clarksburg would become Grades 3-8. High school is still school choice for both towns.**

Please share this information to help get the word out.

Thank you for your help and keeping up the website!


Cindy Lamore

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A Lot Going On At Stamford Library

Check out their new website at www.stamfordlibrary.org

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Upcoming Events Sponsored by The Readsboro Library

June 29th – Independence Day Celebration
Fourth of July Parade – after the parade, at the Lions park for events for the kids, the horseshoe tournament, the line dancing performance, redneck regatta, silent auction, bake sale, chicken BBQ and other events going on. And, as the day ends, Atlas will be doing the fireworks again this year at the Readsboro Ballfield at 9 p.m. Their display is always fantastic!

July 16th – Meet and Greet with Reeve Lindbergh – 6pm
Two Lives by Reeve Lindbergh – Reeve Lindbergh, daughter of aviator-authors Charles A. Anne Morrow Lindbergh, has written a memoir about her own “two lives” – at the intersection of fame and privacy, from her unique perspective as spokesperson for arguably the most famous family of the twentieth century.

July 18th – Family Magic Show with Omer Black – 6:30pm

July 23rd – BTC Family Entertainment
The magic will be in Readsboro with Omer Black – a great family magic show will unfold before your eyes. All ages are encouraged to attend.

July 25th – Records and Burpee Zoo Show – 4pm
Meet live animals from the Records and Burpee Zoo and learn about their adaptations, how they survive in the wild, and the consequences of keeping wild animals as pets.

July 30th – Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs 6:30pm
Collecting Old-Time Music in Vermont – to be held at the E. J. bullock Building at 7012 Main Street. In the 1980’s Mark Greenberg interviewed and recorded old-time, grass roots Vermont musicians, resulting in a video documentary, The Unbroken Circle (1985), and a CD anthology, Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs (2003). In this presentation, he will discuss his experience searching for old-time music and collecting oral histories in Vermont and how earlier music survived in the 20th century and was affected by the century’s social and technological developments.

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Update from the Building Community Group

1.  We have received some financial support from the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation and the Stamford Community Library.  That means the Tile Project, Library Bulletin Board Project and Town Tile Plaque projects can move forward.  More on the Tile Project in a minute.

2.  For now, we’re still seeking funding for another bulletin board, three new benches and the town sign with seating.  We have two outstanding grant proposals right now (should hear from both of them within the next couple of weeks) and another proposal due on June 6.  We keep plugging away!

3.  A sign company is helping us with putting some finishing touches on the sign/seating design.  They are also helping us with a cost estimate.

4.  The Tile Project information is attached to this email.  I can’t emphasize enough that we’d like EVERYONE in town to come to participate in this project.  Leave your thoughts about “not being very artistic” at home and join in this community building art project that will ultimately connect many facets of our developing town center. Come and make a tile and bring your friends!

5.  Information on the Tile Project was sent home today with the Stamford School students.  More information will be available at the Town Tag Sale on Saturday!

6.  The proposed gathering space/building to be placed outside (north and east) of the library, is still in the design hands of Norwich University.  They have requested an additional semester to work on the plans.  We’ll continue to seek funding for that project and hope to have more details during the fall of 2019.

So – share this information with your friends!  See you all at the Tile Project!

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Stamford Community Church Tag Sale

SCC holds its annual tag sale this Saturday (6/1) from 9am to 1pm. In addition to the various seller’s tables, there will be pony rides, plenty of food and really cool raffle baskets.

Stamford Seed Savers will be there with over 500 vegetable plants.
Lori Shepard helps see savers get ready for the Saturday plant sale
North Adams resident Michelle purchased cherry tomatoes last year at the Stamford church bazaar. She save the seeds and replanted them this spring, and Viola ! She has donated 32 black cherry tomato plants to this year’s 2019 Stamford Vermont seed savers plant sale
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Seed Saver Meeting

Next Tuesday’s Seed Savers meeting will be hosting Athena Bradley from the Northeast Recycling Council to discuss Community Composting and to explain the use of a large Jora Composter that is being awarded to the Stamford VT Seed Savers for composting of food waste from the elementary school.
For this event our meeting will be held in the school instead of the town library. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Approval of minutes from May 7th
  2. Progress Report: Summer Camp Program
  3. Planning for Church Bazaar
  4. Formation of new Town “Community Committee” (name to be determined)

The remainder of the meeting will be devoted to a discussion of Community Composting under the leadership of Athena Bradley from the Northeast Recycling Council.

This is an important planning meeting; we hope as many as possible can attend, as we NEED YOUR IDEAS!

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Joint Town Meeting For Interstate School And Selectboard Minutes of Interest

Agenda for Joint Town Meeting

STAMFORD COMMUNITY LIBRARY TIME CAPSULE REQUEST Jennifer Ryan said the theme for this year’s summer reading program at the library is A Universe of Stories.  They would like to bury a small time capsule near the end of the program, probably the first week of August.  Nancy Bushika recalled that when the town office addition was built they found a time capsule had been buried from the mid 1970s.  The Selectboard is researching the school/town building and would like to wait for the results before making a decision.

BUILDING COMMUNITY GROUP 1.  Pat Sullivan advised that the Building Community Group has received a $500.00 grant and is waiting to receive the check.  Nancy Bushika recalled the Selectboard discussion last December to create an account to hold funds that were received.  She questioned whether the town should be holding money for an independent group.  Mike Denault supports the project but recognized Nancy Bushika’s reluctance.  It was suggested that the board create a Community Project Committee to oversee these projects.  Dave Tatro felt if the building was going to be on town property, that the Selectboard should consider holding the money.  The question was raised about Seed Savers Group funds and the Broadband Group’s idea to run fiber to homes.  Parameters were discussed such as self-sufficient town projects and groups that bring in their own money.  Lori Shepard was instructed to call Love, Cody & Company for their opinion on the town holding money for community projects by independent groups and to call the Vermont League of Cities & Towns for advice on how to appoint a committee.

CONSTABLE/SHERIFF Maura Hawkins is interested in serving on the sheriff/constable research committee.  Mike Denault would like another one or two volunteers.  The board will wait another two weeks, hoping more come forward.  Mike Denault feels that if the majority of residents are not interested in considering any other law enforcement, it seems like a waste of time doing all the research.  Anyone interested in serving on this research committee should contact a Selectboard member or the town office before the next meeting on May 16, 2019.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT The Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP) will be filed with Allison Strohl and the Northern Berkshire Emergency Medical Services.  Sheila Lawrence, Jim Stimpson and Bill Levine attended the last Emergency Management meeting in Bennington, VT.  They provided forms that residents can complete confidentially and send to the 9-1-1 board if they have special needs that should be considered in an emergency.  If a 9-1-1 call is received, the operator can see the information on the screen.  Bill Levine ordered 200 copies for distribution at the senior meals and both churches.  As dispatcher, Bill Levine can ask during an emergency affecting a certain area if anyone in that area has special needs so assistance can be provided more quickly.  It is an optional free service.

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Stamford Community Church Tag Sale

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Green Up Day and Day In The Dirt

Green Up Day – From 8:30 AM until about noon on May 4, 2019, 65 (10 more than 2018) Stamford residents (including 11 children!) participated in Green Up Day activities.  Approximately 110 bags of trash were collected and transported to the recycling center via town truck with help from Dave Tatro.
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We’re Coming Back

We were hacked, corrupted, deleted, and now we rebuild.

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