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From the Selectboard
The Selectboard reviewed an article that appeared in the Deerfield Valley News recently. Members of the newly formed Readsboro Halifax school union discussed dissolving the union district and going back to two separate schools. The union members will look into it for discussion at their next meeting. Dan Potvin was very interested and thought it was important news for our residents. He felt the school board and principal should read the article. Copies will be given to them.
If you are a subscriber, you can read the article here.

Dan Potvin has scheduled the pot luck dinner in honor of our veterans for Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 5 p.m. at the school. He asks everyone to spread the word and invite veterans to attend.

Melissa Lawrence and Stephen Chipchase have not licensed their dogs with the town. The due date was April 1,
Luke McKay learned that the ticketing system through the Vermont Judicial Bureau can take a long time and was concerned about the risk of having dogs in town without rabies vaccinations. He asked the board to consider impounding the dogs until the owners make arrangements for rabies shots and will release the dogs once they have been licensed with the town and all impound fees have been paid. The board discussed the pros and cons. Dave Tatro felt the board should follow the law and our ordinance and even if it takes a long time, it is better than the emotional distress of taking the dogs away. The board does not want to take the dogs, they just need to have them registered with the town. It was ultimately decided that Luke McKay will issue tickets and will contact the police to accompany him in serving the tickets.
Luke McKay asked the board to look into a used vehicle. He has learned that the state recommends transporting stray dogs in a cage inside the vehicle, not in the back of a pickup. The town could be liable if a stray he picks up carries a disease that causes the Dog Officer or his animals to become ill.

From the Planning Commision
Catherine Bryars from the BCRC couldn’t attend tonight’s meeting and spoke with Helen Fields. The BCRC is hoping the Planning Commission will endorse its application for grant funding and commit to participating in BCRC’s proposed regional housing by-laws study. For this project, BCRC will survey current housing regulations in the downtown and village center areas of its member municipalities and make specific recommendations for by-law improvements to help each community achieve goals for
more quality, diverse housing in historic centers. They will analyze housing challenges, opportunities and policies in town and summarize their findings in a final report. Helen Fields stated that we are not required to act on or implement any of their recommendations and there is no financial commitment.
MOTION by Aaron Malachuk to endorse the BCRC’s application for grant funding for this project. SECONDED by Dan Potvin. All in favor. Motion APPROVED. The endorsement was signed.

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Garden Work-bee – Date Correction

There is going to be a garden work day on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. until we are done!
The main (and exciting) accomplishment will be building the garden shed.
In addition, we hope to get the garden beds cleaned up for the end of the season.
There is still plenty of produce that can be harvested to which you are all welcome.

It would be helpful if people could bring their own tools: drills, impact drivers, skill saws, tape measure, and so forth  I will arrange for a generator to be on hand.
If anyone would like more specific details they can call me at my home phone, 694-1526.  Food and refreshments will be provided.  All are welcome. It should be a fun day for building both a building and community.


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Meeting of The Stamford Democratic Party

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Might Be A Bumpy Ride For School Merger

Massachusetts is encouraging Clarksburg to think bigger than just merging across the state line. Read the come story here

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HarveStamford Community Supper

The rain held off long enough for 75-80 of us to have a wonderful first HarveStamford Community Supper.  So many thanks go to the Seedsavers for providing the gardens to visit and the potato salad and soup to enjoy!  Their financial support in that effort was much appreciated!  Huge thanks go to Caroline Burch, Susan Flash and Sara Bonthuis for all their planning and execution.  The Building Community Group is active!  The kitchen was buzzing all day.  CJ Vadnais took several groups of people to the gardens on the tractor.  Clay Zeller-Townson, Matt Aucoin and their amazing crew provided outstanding musical entertainment and delicious blueberry crisp for all!  And the people of Stamford came together and enjoyed an evening!

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Seed Savers

Dear Stamfordians,
This is the big week for Stamford Growing Thyme Garden Camp AND the HarveStamford community dinner! There are 25 Stamford campers and several parents who have been meeting every week and learning about foods and gardening, and Wednesday is our last day of camp! It has been wonder-filled! We will be harvesting vegetables from the Gardens, including lots of potatoes, basil, green peppers, hot peppers, kale, chard, and other possibilities (tomatoes are still green)…Now, it is time to put it all together and celebrate our community on Saturday August 17 at 5pm, as you all know.I would love it if everyone could contribute even a single cuke or tomato, so that we can make a vegetarian vegetable Stone Soup and a potato salad, and if enough veggies show up we will turn them into a salad.

I also hope everyone can attend on the 17th! Bring your friends, families and any strangers you haven’t met yet in town! I would also like to ask you to help out in any way or time that you can spare with the following:
a. bring ANY organically raised vegetables you can share to Helen’s or I can come pick up, by Tuesday afternoon, to be used at the last day of CAMP on Wednesday. We are going to learn to hold a Farmers Market and need a variety of veggies. Any not used by camp will be in the fridge until Friday and/or Saturday, when we (I and anyone who wants to help) will make a mixed vegetable soup, which could be predominantly tomato if any show up!Kids will also harvest one bed of potatoes, and we welcome anyone else who has grown their own organic potatoes to bring them and cucumbers, in particular. 
b. come at any time you are available, on Friday or Saturday, to work in the kitchen OR gardens (pruning, tying up tomatoes, sweeping, etc.) to get them ready for Saturday. That could mean chopping vegetables, stirring soup, slicing cukes or tomatoes, or pruning tomato plants. I will be starting at 6:30am on Friday.
c. Help set up or clean up Saturday afternoon and then evening.
d. come down to see the gardens (we are hoping for a wagon ride; porta-potties are on site) on Saturday either before or after the meal.
NUTSHELL: please contribute your veggies and time at your convenience, if able to do so.Next Step: email me and let me know what you can bring, and when, and if you can help out at any time.
Contact me to let me know when you are available, and I will give updates of what there is to do!
n.b.: I will also be interviewed Wednesday afternoon by Libby Wieland, a Board Member of NEGEF and Education Trainer with VCGN (our two grantors).She has recruited me to be a volunteer Ambassador for Vermont Community Gardens Network, and this is an exciting venture.She will be looking at the gardens and participating in camp that day.  (nervous laughter here) (we have been working together for years on school garden programs…)
Wish us all good luck! Looks like the weather may be with us on both Wednesday and Saturday at this point.
Call or email (or text!) if you have questions…Helen

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Household Hazardous Waste Collection – Dorset School

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Stamford Harvest Dinner

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Who Knew There Was So Much To Do In Vermont

From the Festival of Fools to Annual Vermont Cheese Festival to Waterparks, Go Karts, and tons of hiking.

An amazing list of Vermont’s festivals, attractions, and out-of-the-way places

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Tile Painting – Session 1

Fun was had by all painting tiles we designed over the past couple of weeks. There are two more painting evenings – August 1 and 8, 5:30-7:30 pm. Enter the school through the library. Thanks to Victoria Jefferies and to the Stamford Library!

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