Update from the Building Community Group

1.  We have received some financial support from the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation and the Stamford Community Library.  That means the Tile Project, Library Bulletin Board Project and Town Tile Plaque projects can move forward.  More on the Tile Project in a minute.

2.  For now, we’re still seeking funding for another bulletin board, three new benches and the town sign with seating.  We have two outstanding grant proposals right now (should hear from both of them within the next couple of weeks) and another proposal due on June 6.  We keep plugging away!

3.  A sign company is helping us with putting some finishing touches on the sign/seating design.  They are also helping us with a cost estimate.

4.  The Tile Project information is attached to this email.  I can’t emphasize enough that we’d like EVERYONE in town to come to participate in this project.  Leave your thoughts about “not being very artistic” at home and join in this community building art project that will ultimately connect many facets of our developing town center. Come and make a tile and bring your friends!

5.  Information on the Tile Project was sent home today with the Stamford School students.  More information will be available at the Town Tag Sale on Saturday!

6.  The proposed gathering space/building to be placed outside (north and east) of the library, is still in the design hands of Norwich University.  They have requested an additional semester to work on the plans.  We’ll continue to seek funding for that project and hope to have more details during the fall of 2019.

So – share this information with your friends!  See you all at the Tile Project!

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