Stamford Seed Savers Meeting Agenda (Via Zoom)

Tuesday March 31, 6:00 pm

  1. Seed Library – Placement, Permission and
  2. Seedlings for Stamford – Who, What, Why and How
  3. Distributed Garden Beds –  Outreach and Logistics
  4. Community Garden Space – Ramping up the school garden – Do we have the people power to manage additional community garden space at North Branch Landscaping?
  5. Needs Assessment – How do we best identify the needs of the community?
  6. New Business

Access the meeting by going to this URL at 6:00 pm:

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Stamford Seed Savers Meeting Minutes

Seed Saver Agenda 3/24/20

Attendance in online meeting:  Stephen, Helen, Pam, Caroline, Joe, Priscilla, and Sharon

  1. ASK FOR email response that you attended so we can put it in the record. Send it to Titled: TODAYS SVSS MTG.
  3. NEGEF emergency grant towards local food security

Purpose of the grant application read aloud.

Grant is for $1,000 – We can use it to meet needs of the community building on previous efforts.  Provide the seed bank. Expand participation. ( We can use as needed)

  1. Seed Library (outdoors)         Discussion regarding the best way to make the seed library available.  Under a canopy, with a wooden cap on it. At the Town hall or Library. It can be locked.  We might leave it until June? Is there a concern about contamination by handling. Wear gloves to package the bulk seeds.  Run it past the selectboard and Micah Hayre.

Clarify the directions on appropriate use of the seeds.  Let people choose what they want. Wipe down your hands before and after use.

  1. Seedlings for Stamford

Start flats of seedling for donations.  Make them available to participants for Green Up Day.  in 5 weeks. We need people to host some flats at home. Caroline will take on a few.  We can make lights available. Church Bazaar.

We are preparing for a possible food crisis.  Grow and distribute what we are able. Buying bulk food and preparing it is a new process for us.  Perhaps we should stick with what we already do well. (Gardens)

  1. Distributed Garden Beds  

FIgure out the cost of one raised bed and bring garden beds to interested households, built, filled with soil and plant starts; they pay if able or donated if not able to pay.    People could sponsor beds. People could use the beds for food to give to the community.

The town is in the process of setting up a community phone tree which we might be able to tap (that’s a Vermont pun).  Perhaps we could reach out through the school etc.          

  1. Community Garden Space

Pam has offered garden space for a community food garden.  Dan Potvin has a tractor mounted tiller and he is talking about growing grains.  We have the school garden that can be used to grow food, As well. We will need to do some networking to find the people who are interested in helping.

Existing beds should be top priority.  What types of vegetables. We need to avoid to spreading ourselves to thin.  Joseph suggests perennial vegetables. Asparagus, nut trees, fruit trees at Pams?

Helen could contact families that participated in the garden camp last year.  We could post PSA’, etc..

  1. Community Food Service

We would need to secure more help.

There is a lot of land that is not being used as wisely as possible.

This grant is for an immediate response to the Corona Virus crisis.  It is about meeting whatever needs we identify. We should be doing a needs assessment.

What about setting up the school i.e. cold frames.  The opportunity to come together as a community and work towards a common goal will be valuable.  We should be building on what we have. We should also be looking towards a diversity of agricultural projects.

  1. New Business
  2. Gift certificate for $100 from wild flower people  by way of Caroline $100

We still have a gift cert for $100 for wildflowers.

Caroline can share the website.  Encourage people to grow perennial crops.  Should we be thinking about perennial crops.

  1. Public distribution of food.

We will continue to meet this way on Tuesdays at 6:00 for the foreseeable future.

Go to for notification of future activities.

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Seed Savers Meeting Agenda for Tuesday: March 24 (Via Zoom)

1. NEGEF emergency grant towards local food security
a. Seed Library (outdoors)  
b. Seedlings for Stamford.
c. Distributed Garden Beds                                                                

2. Community Garden Space

3. Community Food Service

4. New Business

People can also go to the Seed Saver’s website

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Cancellations / Closures To Date

Community Projects Committee meeting scheduled for 3/18/20 is cancelled

Stamford Community Library –
Dear Stamford Community and Neighbors,
It is with deep regret that the board of trustees has decided that the Stamford Community Library will be closed to the public.  Like many others nationwide, we are facing difficult decisions on how best to move forward with the health and wellness of our community in mind. 
We understand the value a good book has in allowing us to escape, even momentarily.  We plan to monitor our own health, and the overall situation nationwide, and are hopeful we can begin to offer book delivery to you very soon. 
In the meantime, all of our patrons have access to Overdrive, an online e-book and audiobook resource with thousands of titles.  If you haven’t already set up an account, and wish to, please email us at or use the “contact us” form on  and we will assist you in getting started. 

With love, compassion and hope we wish you all the very best!Stamford Community Library

Stamford Town Office
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stamford Town Office is taking prompt action to mitigate the spread of this virus.  As a precaution, the Stamford Town Office is closed to the public effective immediately and until further notice. The Town Office staff will remain available to assist you by phone, fax, email, and online.

The town office hours will remain the same:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The following business and much more can be done via email, fax, snail mail and phone:   obtaining copies of tax bills, dog licensing, single document requests, building applications, questions for the Assessor Clerk, obtaining copies of lister cards, Land Record documents, land postings, and Green Mountain Passes, etc.  Please call the town office  at (802) 694-1361 or email for specific details.

Only land record research deemed necessary and essential may take place at the town office, by appointment only, and following safety protocols.

The Rabies Clinic on March 21, 2020 has been postponed. 

 If you are unsure of the scheduling or location of a meeting, please contact the Board/Committee/Commission Chair directly.
We ask for your patience and cooperation.  We thank you for understanding that these are unusual times, requiring precautions for public safety and health and we believe taking these precautions is the best way to keep ourselves and our community members healthy. 


15 MARCH 2020

For Immediate Release: March 15, 2020
Contact: Brittney Wilson,

MONTPELIER, Vt. – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Phil Scott has announced a Continuity of Education Plan for the orderly dismissal of all schools, and cancellation of all school related activities, no later than Wednesday, March 18. This directive, which will be distributed to schools later today, will last through April 6 — but may very well be extended for a longer period.

Governor Scott’s directive will task local districts with three key components to support the State response:

  • Food and special needs services for children;
  • Collaborating with the state to provide childcare options for healthcare workers and others essential to the response; and
  • Systems for ensuring maintenance of education during the initial dismissal; and a continuing education plan if schools are dismissed for an extended period.

No student is required to be in school Monday or Tuesday, if their parents or guardians would prefer to keep them home. 

Education professionals should report to work as scheduled to assist in these efforts during this period of school dismissal. Districts are directed to follow workplace hygiene guidance issued by the Vermont Department of Health.

“This decision is based on the best scientific evidence available to the experts at the Vermont Department of Health,” said Dr. Mark Levine. “Closing schools at the end of the day Tuesday is another important step to help keep us ahead of the curve, in terms of preventing and reducing spread of COVID-19.”

“The orderly dismissal of schools is essential to support both the State’s response to COVID-19 and the needs of children and families across Vermont,” Governor Scott said. “We must ensure children are safe, nourished, and still learning even as the traditional structure of school is disrupted.  The work of educators will be essential in this effort.”

Governor Scott continued: “This is a moment of service for all of us. I know that educators across Vermont will do their part to support students and families. I’ve asked the Agency of Education to work with superintendents and local districts to ensure every child continues to receive the services they need from their schools, as well as assignments to take home to continue their academic studies.”

Governor Scott said that, while he hoped schools would only need to be closed through April 6, it is possible they will be closed for a longer period and families and businesses should prepare for this possibility.

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 10:
Seed Savers Spring Meeting
Time to talk seeds and the community garden!

At the Library, 6-7 p.m.
Bring a snack if you wish, or a beverage, and come with hopes and dreams and ideas.

Preliminary Agenda:
Annual Seed Swap
Workday dates to finish shed
Possible projects: native pollinator flower boxes around school/town . . .?
Other annual events: August Stamford Community Harvest Dinner, Church Bazaar fundraiser, Green Up Day tables.
Your ideas???!
Hope you can make it!

Please bring new friends if you can.

Thanks, Stephen


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From A Little Project I Am Working On

Click here for full size image
Stamford’s watershed (in my opinion – I’m just learning). Blue are the rivers and streams and red is area that the mountain run off comes to the valley from.

Click here for full size image
Topo map overlayed in Google Earth with enhanced elevation.

Topo map can be found here

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Many Forks Farm Pre-Order Tomato/Pepper/Eggplant Plants



Plant Pre-Order is OPEN for Heirloom, Open-Pollinated & Other Favorite Varieties
Pre-order deadline: April 1
Catalog and Mail-in Order Form attached below
Or visit our website:
Please forward to your gardening friends & neighbors.
Questions:, or 413-281-1814

Click For Plant Sale Catalog

Click For Pre-Order Form

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Schoolboard Member Candidate

If you are running for a town/school position and would like to make your pitch on – send an email with your bio/qualifications/reasons for running to the site’s email address in the right hand menu area.


Dear Stamford Friends and Neighbors,
My name is Jennifer Ryan and I am running for a two year term on the Stamford School Board of Directors.  For those that don’t already know me, I am a Co-Librarian of the Stamford Community Library, was an original member of the school board’s interstate merger sub-committee in 2017, and have been regularly attending school board meetings as a visitor for the last four years.  I am a parent of 3 Stamford students, in first, fourth, and sixth grades. Through my work as a town librarian I have cooperated and coordinated with the school administration to develop afterschool programming, write grants that benefit the school, and (as a parent) have volunteered numerous times in the K/1 classroom and as a chaperone on field trips and field days.  I know many of Stamford’s students personally, and take the success of Stamford School, and the community it serves, personally as well.

Serving on a school board is an important job that involves regularly making difficult decisions that affect every aspect of town life, from educating our kids, to stewarding our tax dollars, to attracting new residents.  With that in mind, I believe that as publicly elected representatives it is the responsibility of the school directors to conduct business with the highest possible level of transparency, and to encourage the involvement of both parents and residents.  I have sometimes disagreed with the decisions of our current school board, but I have also been grateful for their dedication to our school and town, for representing the needs of our small school to our supervisory union and to the state as a whole, and for giving of their time and talent to serve our community.  Regardless of who you plan to vote for, I hope that everyone reading this will come to Town Meeting on Monday March 2nd at 7:00 pm, vote in our local elections on Tuesday, March 3rd, and will continue to support Stamford School by coming to regular board meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Jen Ryan

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Readsboro Newsletter

Around Town Happenings
March ~ April 2020Readsboro Community Library
Bringing community together ….
Thursdays, March 5th ~ April 23rd 5:30 p.m. ~ 7 p.m. visit the library for a game of scrabble, Yahtzee or rummy.
Tuesday, March 3rd the library will be open during voting 10 a.m. ~ 7 p.m.
Sunday, March 8th …… turn your clocks ahead 1 hour and check your smoke detectors.
Saturday, April 4th 10 a.m. ~ 11 a.m. Annual Egg Hunt come find the golden egg.
Thursday, April 23rd 1 p.m. ~ 5 p.m.  Come plant …… seeds, soil and other materials supplied at no cost.  Celebrate Earth Day with us.

Museum Passes Available:
Bennington Museum Hildene The Lincoln Family Home Berkshire Museum (Admission for up to 2 adults and 2 children)
Billings Farm & Museum (Family Pass)
Southern Vermont Natural History Museum (Admission for Two)
Vermont’s History Museum
Clark Art Museum (Admission for One)
Birds of Vermont Museum (Family Pass)
Vermont State Park Pass (Day Use Only)

Vermont Historic Sites
There are so many ways to help your local library ~ through book donations, dvds, craft materials, box tops, volunteering to host a program and much more.

Town of Readsboro
The legal voters of the town of Readsboro, Vermont are hereby notified to meet at the school auditorium in the town of Readsboro on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 7 pm. to act on the articles of the town and the warrants. The meeting will then be adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday March 3, 2020 at which time ballot boxes open for Australian ballot. Ballot boxes are open 10 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. Tuesday March 3, 2020.

The 2019 town report is available at the town office during regular business hours.  You can also download a PDF copy of the report: Town of Readsboro 2019 Town Report
Next real estate tax payment is due March 10th.
Until further notice transfer station hours Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m.

Berard Sugarhouse Open House Saturday, March 21st 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.
1356 Branch Hill Road, Readsboro, VT 05350 We are happy to announce that we will be open!! Come hear about our sugaring process. We will have samples available, products for sale and we ship!!

Birch’s Sugarhouse Open House Saturday, March 21st 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.
617 East Main St, Readsboro, VT 05350 We will be open to the public during Vermont Sugar Makers Association 2019 Maple Open House Weekend! We will be open Saturday Only! Come tour our sugar house, learn about our operation, and sample some of our delicious maple syrup. Maple Syrup and other maple confections will be available to purchase.

Independence 2020 Celebration
Save the date!!!!! Saturday, June 27, 2020
Another year has passed and it’s time to plan for this year’s big celebration. As most of you know this great celebration of ours is run solely by volunteers and the fundraising that they do all year long. Without the support of the community, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to everyone that has helped to make it a continued success.

Want to help make our Independence Day Celebration a success? Become a volunteer!  Earlene 423-7080 or Cyndi 413-652-4512.  We have a full schedule of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. Volunteer for the day or just for a couple of hours during the celebration. There are so many things to do and your help would be greatly appreciated.

American Legion & Auxiliary
Sunday, March 8th   8 ~ 11 a.m. $6 (subject to change call Legion)423-7562
French toast or pancake, eggs, sausage, home fries, coffee and juice.

Saturday, March 14th 5 ~ 7 p.m.
Corn beef and cabbage or if you prefer ham and cabbage only $12 ~ just think no cooking, no dishes, and you are showing your support to the Post. So pass the word ~ great food at affordable prices while visiting with friends and neighbors. 

Readsboro Lions
Raffle for Easter ham tickets are $1each or 6 for $5.00. Drawing will be held April 6th . Tickets available through PG Carrier 802-423-7606.

South Readsboro Community Club
Thursday, April 9th 7 p.m. monthly meeting. New members always welcome. Any questions contact Priscilla Thayer 423-7667.

Readsboro Fire Department
Please remember to keep hydrant area free of snow. Remember you can order a reflective address marker from the fire department auxiliary ~ because if they can’t find you they can’t help you.

Saint Joachim Church BINGO
The second Monday of the month at 6 p.m.
Monday, March 9, 2020 Monday, April 13, 2020$10 to play ~ Lots of Great Prizes! ~ Please Join Us For A Fun Night ~ Refreshments Offered ~ Bring Your Friends!

Readsboro Historical Society
The Readsboro Historical Society is looking forward to opening up in May. We will keep you posted on the first Open House. We are currently working on our New Theme for 2020; “Readsboro Schools” If anyone has any memorabilia about past schools in Readsboro they want to share, please let us know.  Check out our Facebook Page/Readsboro Historical Society. We also want to say THANK YOU to Ron & Tiger Waterman once again for a very generous donation made to the Readsboro Historical Society.  We are very appreciative for all their support they have given us and this community.   THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has become a member and for those who have made additional donations to your Historical Society…  We are all very lucky to have such great people help keep Readsboro’s past alive to help path the way for the future.  

Have you considered the different options of volunteering?
• Read to a homebound neighbor.
• Offer to pick up prescriptions for an elderly neighbor.
• Bake refreshments for the monthly BINGO.
• Stop by and ask if your neighbor needs any help.
• Join the local fire department.
• Assist with Legion breakfast (once a month).
• Join the Readsboro Lions Club.
• Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment or Readsboro Historical Society. 
• Assist with monthly meal at South Readsboro Community Club.
Reasons to volunteer vary ~ perhaps you are new to the area and want to meet people.  Often a person who volunteers has interest and time to donate while improving the quality of life for the residents in the community.  

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Selected Selectboard Minutes from 2/7/20

Brian Jowett has a contract to purchase 1818 County Road. The property is about a half mile past the beginning of the Class 4 section. He would like to build a full time residence. He attended the Planning Commission and spoke with Jim Stimpson, the Administrative Officer, and both support his request. The Road Commissioner, David Tatro, was not at the meeting to provide input due to the weather. Mike Denault said if Brian Jowett was willing to obtain the $1 million bond to protect the town, he was fine with it. Dan Potvin felt the board should discuss the bond amount. Bill Levine thought the board should consider extending the Class 3 section that the town currently plows further down the road. It would cost a lot of money to upgrade all of County Road and Klondike Road because the state will require that the road meet their standards. Nancy Bushika would like to review the decision about an insurance bond and would like to talk to Dave Tatro. Mike Denault said they would send Brian Jowett a letter stating what the town would need from him if they decided he could plow the road.

Aaron Malachuk spoke with a Consolidated Communications technician. The town of Chesterfield, NH hired a consultant and Consolidated Communications to run fiber network to every house in their town. The project cost the town $1.8 million and provides 1 gigabyte per second. The town obtained a 20 year bond to cover the cost. Instead of everyone in town contributing to the cost, only the households that sign up for the high speed internet pay. Consolidated charges an extra $10.00/month which it later turns over to the town. The town uses this money to pay back the bond. Aaron Malachuk felt if lines come down during an ice storm, a small internet company might take a long time for repairs. Consolidated Communications has the manpower to fix the lines immediately. Chris Warren felt it was great to have information from more than one group. Aaron Malachuk will see if he can have someone come to a future Selectboard meeting. Anyone interested in serving on a high speed internet research committee should contact the town office or Chris Warren directly.

How Much Speed Do I Need?

Douglas Wright read the proposed resolution to declare Stamford an “Article 16, Constitutional Gun Owner Town and a Second Amendment Sanctuary Town”. He said Title 24 gives the Selectboard the authority to make this resolution. The legislature continues to write bills that infringe on our rights, governing how we live and what we do. These are inherent rights and not privileges. This is a symbolic way to send a message to the government. The resolution is non-binding. Several towns and counties in Virginia, Maine and Vermont have already done it. Dan Potvin commented that it was great to see so many young people present. Visitors felt that the government keeps chipping away at our rights and if they succeed at one thing, what will be next. Mike Denault confirmed that this resolution does not give anyone the right to break the law. He said until a year or two ago, the State of Vermont had no gun laws, other than accepting the federal laws, and our state has been one of the top three safest states in over 100 years. He said there is no supporting evidence that any of the proposed gun laws will deter crime. Chris Warren asked why the resolution targeted only the Second Amendment and not the whole Constitution. Mike Denault responded that the Vermont legislature has been creating bills that target Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. If the government began to make laws restricting freedom of speech or freedom of religion, there would be a resolution for that. Mike Denault noted that the Stamford Sportsmens Club is a place where people can go and exercise their rights to carry and use firearms. More gun laws could put the club out of business. Nancy Bushika said it didn’t seem like Stamford or Readsboro would be against the resolution. She suggested that the topic could be discussed at town meeting. Helen Fields did not think it should be brought up at town meeting and said it could get ugly.
MOTION by Mike Denault to adopt the resolution to declare Stamford an “Article 16, Constitutional Gun Owner Town and a Second Amendment Sanctuary Town” as written. SECONDED by Dan Potvin. 4 in favor. 1 opposed (Chris Warren). Motion APPROVED. The resolution will be sent to Senator Dick Sears, Senator Brian Campion, Governor Scott and Representative Laura Sibilia. Cindy Lamore thanked the board for doing it.

Text of the resolution was not provided
Vermont Article 16
Vermont Title 24

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